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by picking the flavours and quantities you would like**.

and pick up from any of our 4 locations

We are currently taking orders between 2 and 14 days in advance.

Pre-order pickup times can be scheduled between 9:30am and 2:00pm


**Due to the production process, some donut flavours (currently Fritters and Cinnamon Buns) are currently not available through special order but are available for in store purchase.



Prior to placing your order please read the following:

By using our site or placing an order, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.



We use common food allergens in our baking facility (including but not limited to eggs, wheat, nuts, soy, dairy etc.). There is always a chance of cross contamination.

We use common alcohol-based flavourings (i.e. vanilla extract) in our products.

We can not guarantee that specific ingredients have not been used in our products as suppliers and ingredients can change without notice.


Orders that have not been picked up by the posted closing time will be considered abandoned and forfeited and do not qualify for a refund.  We can not store orders for future pickup.


By purchasing our products, you agree that your purchase is for consumer use only and not for commercial use.  For greater clarification, you agree that our products will not be resold without prior written permission from Debrodniks Donuts.


Order Changes

Due to the limitations of the ordering platform, orders that have been placed can not be changed or modified.   PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER AND DATE PRIOR TO MAKING PAYMENT.

If you require a change, orders will need to be canceled and reordered.  See Customer Cancellation Request Policy below. 



Order Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or make changes to an order for any reason. (i.e.  ingredient unavailability, equipment malfunction,  computer glitches etc.).  In this situation, we will  inform you of the cancelation or changes made to your order as soon as possible and a refund will be issued if required.  We will not be held liable for any damages by exercising this right.


Customer Cancellation Request Policy and Refunds

Regular stock orders can be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice of the pickup date and will be refunded minus a 10% service fee (minimum $5.00).  Orders cancelled between 24 and 48 hours notice of the pick-up date will be refunded minus a 25% service fee (minimum $5.00). Orders can not be cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  Cancellation requests must be emailed to with the subject line "ORDER CANCELLATION REQUEST". 

Custom order cancellation requests require a minimum of 1 week notification and refund amounts will depend on the amount of preparation work that has already been completed with a minimum service fee of 10%.

Order cancellation is at our sole discretion.

Refunds may be issued at our discretion and can be either partial or whole depending on the circumstance and may include a service fee.  Refunds will be made via the same method the original payment was made and may take up to 2 weeks to process but generally once issued take 3-5 business days.



All images and content on our site may not be distributed, modified, reproduced or used for any purpose without our prior written consent.



By using this website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We will do our best to ensure that all information on our website is accurate. We will not be liable for any damages that arise from incorrect or missing information and performance issues.  We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms and Conditions without notice.

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