OPEN:   Tues to Sat:   8am - 3pm  &  Sun:  9am - 3pm   -  CLOSED: Monday

NOTE:  In the event that we sell out before 3pm, we close early and post and update on twitter  @debrodniksdonut

700 Strasburg Road, unit 8, Kitchener, ON                                 email:  info@debrodniks.ca

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We are proud to say that our team has worked hard to innovate and improve our efficiency as a bakery so that, despite cost increases across the board, we have not had to raise our donut prices since moving to our current location in 2016.


We are also happy to continue offering our customers savings on 1/2 dozen and full dozen quantity purchases.  


Our pricing remains :


$2.50 for singles

$12 for a half dozen

$22 for a dozen


Save $1 on your half dozen purchase and save $2 on your dozen purchase

We know your time is valuable and we don't want you waiting in line either. Help us make your transaction smoother and quicker by paying with Debit or Credit in store, and receive a discount off our regular price!  See details in store