OPEN:   Tues to Sat:   8am - 3pm  &  Sun:  9am - 3pm   -  CLOSED: Monday

NOTE:  In the event that we sell out before 3pm, we close early and post and update on twitter  @debrodniksdonut

700 Strasburg Road, unit 8, Kitchener, ON                                 email:  info@debrodniks.ca

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We will be raising the price of our donuts effective February 1st.  This is a move we have resisted and will be our first price increase since opening at this address in 2016.  As a result of overwhelming increases in overhead and operating costs, we have made this decision so that we can continue using the same quality ingredients, continue to pay our team fairly and keep making the delicious donuts you have come to expect from us.


We thank you for your ongoing support and for continuing to choose Debrodniks when the donut calls.