As a small business navigating through a pandemic that has endured for over a year and half now,  with seemingly no end in sight, we have faced many new and unprecedented challenges, a major one being the drastic increase in costs of all goods and services. 


Staple food costs we rely on have in some cases, had three price increases just this year alone.  This, combined with astronomical jumps in delivery and gas charges, payroll costs, packaging and paper goods , as well as new pandemic related expenses, has forced us to address what we have been putting off for some time now. 


Though we have thoughtfully attempted to mitigate the situation, unlike a restaurant, we can't remove products to adjust for the sudden increases. We only make one product and we want to continue making it the same way we always have; using the same high quality, freshest and tastiest ingredients our recipe calls for and you, our valued customers demand. 


We have made the difficult decision to address these challenges with a price increase effective Monday September 6 2021 when the price of a single donut will increase to $3 plus tax, a half dozen, $17 and a dozen, $32.


While we can no longer delay a price increase, a quick scan of the cost of fresh made gourmet donuts in KW,  and the GTHA shows we will still be on the lower end of a cost of a dozen premium donuts, and we continue to offer our half dozen and dozen discounts. 


We want to offer you more for your hard earned money, and will be launching some new and unique flavours like our big and bold Doughgies, more cake donut options,  and a whole lot of variety, while still staying true to your familiar favorites. 


To improve our services, we will also be introducing live order pick ups in Kitchener as we currently offer at our Waterloo location, in addition to collaborating with Mini Mays Cookies to give you online ordering access and one stop pick up at our donut shop locations!


We are eternally grateful for your ongoing support and patronage and hope to continue to serve you the softest, fluffiest, melt in your mouth donut we can muster even in the most challenging times.


We hope you and your families continue to stay safe and well. 

Thank you, friends  

You can buy any quantity of donuts you would like  
however pricing discounts only apply to the quantities as specified above.
The above listed discounts are for the benefit of our customers to enjoy.  Sorry, no resellers.