OPEN:   Mon to Sat:   8am - 3pm  &  Sun:  9am - 3pm 

(or sold out)

NOTE:  In the event that we sell out before 3pm, we close early and post and update on twitter  @debrodniksdonut

700 Strasburg Road, unit 8, Kitchener, ON


Debrodniks Donuts   All Rights Reserved 


We now offer a set menu of flavours which will be available every day, and will also offer daily cake donut flavours and rotating seasonal flavours each month. 

Peanut Butter & Jam  peanut butter dip, toasted peanuts, raspberry filling

Brown Sugar Fritter  cinnamon fritter style donut with brown sugar glaze

Blue Unicorn  blue vanilla dip, vanilla cream topping (no filling)

Cinnamon Sugar   ring donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar

Rainbow Sprinkle   ring donut with vanilla dip and sprinkles 

Oreo   vanilla dip, oreo crumbs, oreo cream filling with gummy worm on top

and more.....

Boss chocolate dip, bavarian cream filling

Cream Puff icing sugar, vanilla cream filling 

Shortie chocolate dip, vanilla cream filling

Strawberry Rhubarb  vanilla dip, strawberry rhubarb filling, vanilla cream garnish

Maple Custard maple dip, custard cream filling

Coconut Toastie  coconut dip, toasted coconut, custard cream filling

Vanilla Bean Glazed  ring donut with vanilla bean glaze

Flavours subject to change without notice based on ingredient availability